Annual HKF Dues

  • HKF Annual Dues

    ***Please note that these are only Hawaii Kendo Federation fees and do not include fees for individual dojos, as rental fees, insurances, misc. may affect affect pricing at the dojo level.***


    At our last Board of Directors meeting on July 23, 2017, it was made clear of the current membership dues and the due date was established. The following rates are noted:

    Mudansha (no dan rank) - $5.00
    Shodan - $10.00
    Nidan - $15.00
    Sandan and above - $25.00
    Senior members 65 years or above - $10.00

    Board members - Pay according to their rank

    ***Annual dues for the BOD members are no longer waived.***

    Iaibu members $5.00 members belonging to a
    kendo dojo may attend iaido classes as part of their membership.
    Only individuals interested in iaido classes only will pay the above dues.

    Annual dues need to be paid to the HKF Treasure (via dojo head instructor or BOD representative) by the end of the first quarter (March 31st) of every year.