All Japan Kendo Federation Visitors in February and March 2018

Hawaii Kendo Federation Received Visitors from the 

All Japan Kendo Federation in February and March 2018

By Kathleen Nekomoto, President, HKF 

Every five years the All Japan Kendo Federation/International Kendo Federation members make the time to visit other country members of the International Kendo Federation.  Their last visit to Hawaii was in 2008 and since had visited Singapore in 2013.   The plans to re-visit Hawaii took place on February 22 through February 25, 2018 with their second group arriving on March 8 through March 11, 2018. 

Hawaii Kendo Federation hosted the February group of visitors that included:

Shuji Fukumoto, Hanshi Hachidan, Vice President of the AJKF and Director of the International Kendo Federation.  Other members included Akira Takazawa, Renshi 7-dan, Megumi Kako, Renshi 7-dan, Rei Takahashi, 4-dan, Naoya Nagahama, 5-dan,  Shuntaro Niimi, 4-dan, Komei Sawai, 4-dan, Tomi Takasugi, Shoichi Kikkawa, Renshi 7-dan, Ayako Okuura, 6-dan, and Masako Yoshida, 3-dan.   The group that came to Hawaii in March included Minoru Makita, Hanshi Hachidan. Takashi Aoki, Kyoshi 7-dan, Mariko Chiba, Kyoshi 7-dan, Ryo Saito, 4-dan, Masato Waguri, 4-dan, Takeshi Takamori, Kyoshi 7-dan, Naoto Endo, and Go Nozawa, 4-dan. 

Hawaii Kendo Federation hosted both groups with a dinner at the Maple Garden Restaurant, godogeko with the HKF members from various dojos on Friday evening at the Japanese Cultural Center Dojo and went on to various sightseeing activities including a hike to Diamond Head slopes, golfing, karaoke, various shopping places, Segway tours, spending time at the beach, a city tour during the day and viewing the night view from Tantalus mountain. 

The HKF was very happy to be able to be given an opportunity to host these members and to further our warm alliances with them.  It was an opportunity for Hawaii to give our young HKF board of directors and our many other members a chance to meet with and become friends with the AJKF and the FIK members.  Team Hawaii presented the visitors with a gift from the Hawaii Kendo Federation members after godogeiko.  

Hawaii was very honored to receive other members from Japan, New York, Seattle, Michigan and Oregon during this time.  They came to participate in the Kenshikan Dojo’s 15th Annual Kendo tournament.  It was a memorial tournament to honor the late Shigeo Yoshinaga and the late Katsumi Yamada who were both the past Kancho or CEO of the Kenshikan dojo.   These visitors included Hiromichi Hayashi, Kyoshi 8-dan who was also the Chief Shimpan of the tournament, Yoshiteru Tagawa, Hanshi 8-dan, AUSKF President and FIK VP for the Americas, Mutsuo Ouchi, Kyoshi 7-dan who sadly passed away on his return to Japan, Hisao Imazu Kyoshi, 7-dan, Masami Okubo, Kyoshi 7-dan and Misao Okubo, 5-dan, Masahiko Negita, 5-dan from New York, and Douglas Imanashi, Kyoshi 7-dan.  

The Hawaii Kendo Federation looks forward to another visit by the AJKF/FIK members in the future.