9th All Hawaii Kendo Championships Hilo Armory, Hilo Hawaii October 8, 2016

Picutred above: Andrew Fujimoto (left) 2nd place -Yudansha 3 and above, Wesley Fujimoto (right) 1st place winner and Grand Champion. photo:Gina Kishimoto

With a blessing by Rimban Jeffrey D. Soga, of the Hilo Hongwanji Betsuin, the 9th All Hawaii Kendo Championship program was opened.  A moment of silence for the late Masashi Chiba Sensei, Hanshi Hachidan was attended since he played an important role in Hawaii.  He died approximately 2 weeks ago.

The usual hum of the gathering of sensei’s, competitor’s visitors and volunteers filled the Hilo Armory gymnasium, itself a very historical landmark dating back to the days of WW II.  It made this day very exciting as kendo participants from throughout the state came to compete in the divisions.  It was a very exciting day.

A kendo kata was performed by Iwao Sato, Kyoshi 7-dan (uchidachi) and Tusha Buntin, Renshi 6-dan (shidachi). Iwao Sato Sensei was the Chief Shimpan with court chief leaders, Tusha Buntin (court A) and Seth Harris (court B).

A banquet dinner followed at the Hilo Seaside’s Coconut Grill.

A seminar was held by Iwao Sato Sensei, Kyoshi 7-dan at the Wakea Recreation on Sunday. 

We want to thank all the sensei’s, competitors, volunteers and visitors for making this championship a successful event.  Kudos goes to Garrett Matsumoto and Andy Fujimoto, Co-chairs who made this event possible.   Our counterparts in Hilo did an exceptional work as well.