2018 17th World Kendo Championships - Hawaii Team

Hawaii Kendo Federation

Team Hawaii 2018

Competing in the 17th World Kendo Championships

September 2018,  Incheon, South Korea

K. Nekomoto, President 

After spending seventeen months of special team practices, Team Hawaii is now ready for their time at the World Kendo Championships in Korea.  It has been a long and challenging journey and they are ready to meet the challenge of international competition.   

The team has been supported by  Kantoku and leader Andrew Fujimoto, Assistant Garrett Matsumoto, Coach Yuichi Miura, Physical Therapist Neal Shimabukuro and Advisor Lawrence Chun.  The women’s team is comprised of Tina Kaku, Nicole Chun, Audrey Parabicoli, Gina Kishimoto and Akiko Fujimoto.   The men’s team include Chris Goodin, Vincent Yancy, Hyun Kim, Kevin Chun, Billy Kang, Jack Yamada, Wesley Fujimoto, Nicklaus Matsumoto, Randy Umetsu and Seth Harris.  They will compete in both the individuals and team competitions. 

Hawaii Kendo Federation is very pleased to support our Hawaii Team at the world championships.   Besides the camaraderie they developed, they also became  a “fighting group” full of fighting spirit and the feeling to care for their team members.  

Coaching demands were met with one on one discussions as well as with the group.  Injuries were met by physical therapist Neil Shimabukuro who helped with the recovery.  The team were kept updated about the venue and the schedules.  

My personal comment to them:  You all have come this far as a team and you have put yourselves through this technical and physical conditioning.  All of you have improved immensely.  Just do your best and enjoy the experience!